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Wedding We (Barb and Dan Cole) met in 1976. Dan had a Samoyed years before that had been stolen. As a Christmas present, I bought Barron for Dan although he lived in an upstairs apartment in a large complex that didn't allow pets. We smuggled Barron in and out in a tennis bag as a small pup. When he outgrew the tennis bag, he stayed with Dan's sister, who was occupying the house he owned. When we moved into the house, Barron was 6 months old and a very unruly puppy. We enrolled him in obedience and a year later, I started looking for a Conformation dog. After a long search, we got Kappy and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our dogs are house dogs and our family, first and foremost. They were with us at our wedding in 1983 and have been ever since, from our move from Northern California to St. Charles, Missouri where we currently reside. We value integrity in breeding and only breed approximately 1 litter every 2 years. Our responsibility to puppies we produce lasts their entire lives. I have actively participated in Samoyed Rescue for over 20 years to help those dogs not so fortunate.

Our goal is to produce a dog that can do the work it is supposed to without wearing out or breaking down; a dog with the typical Samoyed personality and temperament for a family dog that looks like a beautiful Samoyed, not a wolf or a chow. We are very proud of our record of excellent and good rated hips, clear eyes, hearts, elbows, thyroid, health and longevity. We hope to continue to enjoy this terrific breed for many years to come.
Barb Cole
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