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I raise Australian Grass and Lineolated Parakeets, African Green Singing Finches, and parrotlets with a concentration on the Scarlet Chested (Splendid) grass keets. Other parakeets bred include Many Colored (Mulga), Bourke, Hooded, Red Rumped, and Princess of Wales. All of these birds are endangered and not available for export from their native countries. The Green Singers are also on the CITES list. I have also owned budgies, cockatiels, and gray cheeked parakeets (Brotogeris), as well as Pekin Robins.

My goal is to breed healthy Splendids and tame Mulgas and the other Psephotus breeds. All of my birds are pets and have names with the exception of the young birds to be sold.
Scarlet Chesteds Diamond Firetail Hooded Green Singers Rosey Bourke
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