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Gone but Not Forgotten

Topper Topper
Am. Int. CH Barron's Top Hat N Tails HIC, CGC

Topper was a Poppy son, and a terrific dog. An inveterate talker, and constant puppy, he found joy in the smallest things. He was also exceptionally loving and gentle with puppies. Our Schipperke was his best friend. Topper, a multi-Best of Breed Winner and Group placer, consistently passed on his OFA excellent hip rating to his pups. He sired several champions while only being bred 4 times to date.

CH Barron's Hot Toddy

Teddy was a great dog my heart goes out to. He hated showing but did it only because he knew I wanted him to do it. After 5 major Reserves, he finally finished his championship and happily resided at home with us. After neutering, Teddy was the caretaker of the girls when in season, thoroughly enjoying his envied position.

Kappy Kappy
Am. Can. CH Nordika's Polar Barron CD

Kappy is the foundation of Barron's Samoyed Kennels. He finished with 3 majors in California when it took 21 dogs to make a major. He was a multiple Group and Specialty winner. He also was SCA's Top Producing Sam for 2 years and produced Best in Show, Group, and Specialty winning get while only bred to 10 bitches. As a Special, Kappy received a Merit Award his first time out at the 1991 SCA National, a Group 2 his second time out and several Group 1's his last year out at age 7. Kap was my best friend and ultimate show dog. The ultimate Sam as well, always up to something and ready for fun. Kappy went to the Bridge at age 12.

Barron's Poppin' Fresh O' Danica

Poppy was my ideal bitch in many ways. She had a terrific side gait and was very feminine. She had no brains but was charmingly goofy. Her nickname, "Beans" came from bean-brain. She loved to be called that, and "Mama-dog", which would throw her into fits of "woooing". She was a terrific mother and took care of everyone. I did not show her at the time. I was busy with the Boy's and she was always out of coat for show season. Still, she contributed greatly to our breeding program, while only being bred twice. Poppy died of breast cancer at 9 1/2 years of age. I miss her everyday.

Nike Nike
CH Barron's Night Kap CD

Nike attained his championship very quickly. He was also the 11th dog to earn the Working Samoyed (WS) title from the Samoyed Club of America. He was the first to attain this title in therapy only and the award was given special consideration. He was known as the "dog at the Dog Museum", where he worked for several years as the official greeter and school group educator at the AKC Museum of the Dog.

OTCH Barron's White Lightnin'

Barron was a dream obedience Samoyed. He was the first Sam in AKC history to achieve the coveted OTCH title of which only 2 to date have achieved. He was also a Multi Breed HIT Winner and the only Sam to date to compete in the Gaines Super Dog Competition where, at the age of 3, he received a total qualifying score in 6 shows over 2 days in advanced obedience. Barron also represented Northern California as an alternate for several years in the Western States Region Obedience Championships. He retired to the good life at the age of 7 and dabbled in Conformation for fun. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge at age 14 1/2 years of age.

Kohler Kohler
Barron Von Kohler of Winterson

Kohler was co-owned and loved by us but lived with Kevi Harwood. Kohler's dam, a Kubla Khan granddaughter, was Winner's Bitch at the Samoyed Club of America's National Specialty in Madison and his sire was Kappy. Kohler loved to play soccer by batting the ball with his front feet. If it got stuck, he would kick it out through his rear legs. Even when faced with adult males of other breeds, Kohler would never fight. He was a great ambassador for the breed.

CH Grizzly Barron CDX,HT

Griz was only a short way from the advanced UD title when he injured his front leg. He is the first champion and first male Samoyed in AKC history to receive an AKC Herding Title. Griz was one of the few natural herding Sams I have had the pleasure to see and work with. He used the loose-eyed Huntaway style but was a natural gatherer. He spent his senior years doing obedience demos and therapy with children. Griz passed away at 17 until he went to the Bridge.

Blithe Blithe
Barron's Blithe Spirit UD,HT,OA

Blithe was the most advanced versatile Sam in AKC history to date. She was a multi High in Trial Sam, receiving a 197 at the SCA National Specialty over an entry of 53 dogs. When she retired from agility at age 13 (she's 12 in the photo), she was 1 leg away from her agility excellence title having come close several times. Blithe went to the Rainbow Bridge at 15 years of age, active until the day she asked to go. She was our dominant bitch, never bred, nicknamed Miss Bitch.

Int. CH Barron's The Cat's Meow

Kitty was Topper's sister, and after 15 years in the breed, finally our foundation bitch. When Kitty was bred for the first time, she had a hard whelping requiring a Caesarian section that ended up as a spay. Tragically, Kitty died due to complications. Corky took over mothering Kitty's pups and our good friend, Lori Huddleston of Blanchette Bichons generously and selflessly let her bitch, Crystal, still nursing her own 5 week old litter, nurse Kitty's orphaned puppies. I will always be grateful to Lori for her generosity, and Crissy for her patience with the Sammy puppies. Kitty holds a very special place in my heart, and always will.

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